QueryPath is an XML and HTML DOM manipulation PHP library. You can think of it as jQuery for the server.

Install It!

Install it with Composer or grab a copy from the GitHub Project Page.

  "require": {
    "querypath/QueryPath": ">=3.0.0"

Use It!

Using QueryPath is as easy as using jQuery. Give it a document and tell it what to do.

QueryPath can handle multiple kinds of documents:

// Parse some XML and print the contents of the third TD in the second row:
print qp($xml, '#row2>td:nth(3)')->text();

// Or kick it into legacy HTML mode and parse some old HTML
print htmlqp($old_html, '#row2>td:nth(3)')->text();

// Or use HTML5-PHP to handle the latest and greatest.
use Masterminds\HTML5;
$html5 = new HTML5();
$dom = $html5->loadHTML($html);
qp($dom, '#row2>td:nth(3)')->text();

Check out the API documentation or take a look at some examples.

The Way-back Machine

If you’re still using a version of PHP that does not support namespaces, you will probably need to use the 2.1 version.

High Praises

“an essential part of the Drupal and PHP communities”

QueryPath has been used around the world for everything from legacy migrations to dynamic page generation to posting today’s news on screens in bus stations!