QueryPath/CSS/DOMTraverser/PseudoClass.php 4

Type Line Description
FIXME 61 I don't know how to get directionality info.
FIXME 65 Can we do this for HTML?
TODO 191 This checks for cases where an explicit language is
TODO 243 This can be replaced by isNthChild().

QueryPath/CSS/Parser.php 3

Type Line Description
TODO 97 Need to add failure conditions here.
FIXME 275 This should throw errors when pseudo element has values.
TODO 306 Pseudoclasses can be passed pseudo-elements and other pseudo-classes as values, which means :pseudo(::pseudo) is legal.

QueryPath/CSS/QueryPathEventHandler.php 3

Type Line Description
FIXME 120 Handle SimpleXML!
TODO 987 This checks for cases where an explicit language is
FIXME 1008 Note that we lose natural ordering in

QueryPath/CSS/Scanner.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 156 This should be UTF-8 compatible, but PHP doesn't

QueryPath/DOMQuery.php 6

Type Line Description
FIXME 1591 Does this need a different data structure?
FIXME 1642 Does this need fixing?
FIXME 1685 ???
FIXME 1755 Should this use SplObjectStorage?
TODO 277 If a find() returns zero matches, then a subsequent find() will also return zero matches, even if that find has a selector like :root. The reason for this is that the {@link QueryPathEventHandler} does not set the root of the document tree if it cannot find any elements from which to determine what the root is. The workaround is to use {@link top()} to select the root element again.
TODO 3383 It would be trivially easy to add support for iterating over an array or Iterable of DOMNodes.

QueryPath/Entities.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 97 See if we can do this as a const.